Prayer for protection, good health and blessings

by Gracey (Philippines)

Dear brothers and sisters of Christ, I am here asking for your prayers to please include my family in your conversation to our Lord Jesus Christ. For the protection of our family from harm and most especially for my fathers health. May the Lord God will touch his body, cast the illnesses he have right now. He is suffering from hypertension which weaken his body.

We and my family afraid of his health. We are lack financially to send him into the hospital so he can undergo and be cared with the doctors. Our prayers for now, may the Lord God will bless us financially to sustain and let him look with the good doctors and to the Lord Jesus to clean his veins and cast away the cause of his suffering right now. We are nothing without God. We know that my family will survive this trials we have right now because God mercy and love is being with us!

May the power, love and mercy of God will heal my father suffering and turn his sickness into good health.

Thank you in advance with your prayers. May the Lord Jesus will also bless, guide and answer your heart desire for you and you and your family.

Please also pray for the peace of our country Philippines. May the Lord God protect His people!

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