Prayer for Protection from Power tripping Boss

by Sandra (Midland)

I need protection for a supervisor at work who seems to want to always put me down and try to get me fired. She calls me into her office and presents a environment of all is safe to talk about work and other people who work with us, then months later I will find my words twisted and used to hurt me in written form and presented to the Manager. She seems to be more worried about getting attention and upping her even if it hurts others.

Please pray that she will no longer succeed in hurting me. Please pray that I gain knowledge and understanding to protect myself from her. Please pray that I will find a better job or that she will find a better job and I will no longer have to be in her presents. Please pray that I will be surrounded by people who do love and care about me. Please pray that I will gain knowledge and strength so that others she has go to hurt me will see the truth.

Love the Lord. Have a wonderful day in His name!

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