Prayer for protection from my ex-husband

by Deborah (Tempe, Arizona)

My ex (Daniel)is threating to kill me but most of all my partner Mario. Daniel, hit Mario left him unconscious, bleeding on the ground, all most killed him. I have been divorced for 11 years now, but Daniel will not accept the fact that I have the right to start my life with who ever my heart desires.

The calls me and threatens me, he wants to have control of my life. he states that he does not want to see me with Mario, because that will be the end of his living days.

I have made police reports but nothing is done.
I want to be able to live my life as I please with Mario and that Daniel step away. leaving us alone. where ever we are at… my Lord knows exactly the type of person Daniel is but yet he does nothing to stop him…. I need everyones prayers. I just can’t deal with this anymore, I need help!!

I don’t want to wait to see who Daniel kills… Daniel also needs understanding, love, acceptance, he needs to stop his aggravations before he commets a murder. Daniel should not be a KILLER!!!!