Prayer for protection from home invader

by Judy ()

I am in a bad situation, there is someone with a key coming into my apartment and helping themselves to things, coming in to just take something. I believe it is the landlord, or caretaker, or both. I am on disability and must be on a housing subsidy.

There are different kinds of subsidy, one that goes direct to the landlord and the other is direct to tenant. The one that is direct to the landlord is a fixed contract and is considered to belong to the building and is not movable, the other is more movable. I am trying to get out of here.

I have written letters and talked to the police. The establishment is reluctant to help. They need to investigate. I believe that they have done a contract with the apartment building where I live. If they find that the people who work here are doing anything illegal they will have to pull everyone that they sent here out. I am so stressed, and it is really making me sick.

I have lost weight, and I am on medication for acid reflux. I am not a very big lady, I was 105 lbs, now I have dropped to 92 pounds. I have a hard time to put on weight, and I don’t need this. Please pray for me. Thank you!

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