Prayer for Protection for my family from evil enemies

by Kam (Canada)

Dear lord

Please I come to seek your blessings on your door step to bless my family which consists of my husband and two children and myself for protection to always be protected from evil enemies and jealous family who try to harm us in every possible way direct indirect and the unseen forces by creating misunderstandings unexplained diseases obstacles and increasing debt.

decreasing our income please lord protect us from these people and their intentions remove them from our lives forever with their real nature exposed to my husband right now i am losing hope and financially strapped from protecting my family from harms way.

may the almighty watch over us and shield us from our enemies who are trying to destroy my family by putting diseases on us leading the kids on the wrong paths harming them by unseen forces may their evil intentions black magic or by their tongue words never be fruitful and the almighty always shields us by armour day and night

In your name almighty i request on you to invoke protection and prosperity for my family amen

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  1. praying

    lord bless this family with hope and joy back into back n their lives.heal them body,soul and spirit.let ur will for them take over their lives and send them peace n all the many problems they Jesus name.Amen

  2. Dont Worry sister !!

    God will surely hear your prayer sister , and I will also pray for you today, even I am going through some what similar situation in my life, and I am still holding on to god for all the answers , please don’t loose hope sister .. God is watching you in your despair .I can understand he love what you have for your family , I appreciate that your clinging on o God and not loosing Hope. Trust me sister my inner voice says that all your problems will be resolved soon in the name of Lord Jesus Christ our Father .Amen .

  3. Faith

    Good morning Kam

    My prayers are with you this morning

    And your family

    You have faith

    Please go to church each Sunday

    Jesus needs you also

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