Prayer for Protection for my children and i

i have been suffering continuously in an abusive marriage for nearly 14 years and have a son, i got emotionally dependent on someone, but who breached my trust and violated me, now he is threatening me that he will kill me if i do not get physically involved with him.

I am a very simple and God-fearing woman. I tried to convince this man as he is married and have children, but he says he will divorce them and marry me, and he is trying to manipulate me. He has high links in police and he says if i tried to refuse him, i will have to face dire consequences. I am devastated. There is no one to whom i can turn to.

Please protect me from this threatening person, as my health is deteriorating. i need urgent help. I will die if he continues to harrass and threaten me. Please protect me and cut all his connections with him once for all. please pray for me and protect me.