Prayer for Protection for family

Dear Lord, I hope and pray you are hearing my prayers and it be your will to protect me. I have not heard anything since Dec. or Jan. and pray I never do. But, I know how things work and it would have to be an absolute miracle if I never do. I know now I trusted an evil person who used YOUR name to do his evil deeds. He pretended to be a Christian and was far from it. Please protect me from how he used me. I was ignorant and naive and stupid.

I am so embarassed to do anything about it. It is too late now. It was too late after the fact. Now it will cost me dearly if it comes to pass. I will never recover from this. I am too old to have to start all over. Please Lord, please do not forsake me!!! I am a very good person and have never done anyone wrong unknowingly. I have been faithful to you in prayer and I want to serve you. Please do not allow me to fall. You are my ONLY hope I have. In your holy name I pray. AMEN

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