Prayer for protection and safety keep them safe and protect them from any harm

by Dhw (Juneau, Alaska USA)

Dear God

I come before you and ask for your mercy and grace. I prayer for protection and safety over my son K- – – – and his friend D – – – – as they venture out on the ocean for substance. The winter season is upon us here in Juneau, Alaska. The ocean is very, very cold. With the wind gust the wind chill factor the temperatures can drop dangerously low. Dear God calm the sea on the water ways tomorrow. Calm the winds. Bring warmth tomorrow in Juneau and the surrounding area. Bring wisdom to K- – – – and D- – – k , clear their minds of clouded judgment and if they have a drop of doubt about being on the ocean tomorrow may they both agree to stay in the safety of the harbor. May they come to the understand that at the risk of not catching substance of food from the ocean on a stormy day, that they both realize that it is best to stay home with their families. If, they do go out on the ocean, please watch over K- – – – and D- – – – keep them safe and protect them from any harm. This we ask and pray in your sons precious name, Jesus Christ. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Thank you for your favor over K- – – – and D – – – -Amen

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