Prayer for Protection and marriage

by Sarah (Rock Island,Tn Usa)

Dear God please protect me & my kids from evil works from my husband that is divorcing me . He wants the kids & I to move out of the house. Please dear God don’t let this happen. I pray every day that things will get better. I even pray for God to restore my marriage. I still love my husband Jason very much.

Its unconditional & his is not. I pray that the judge will allow us to stay in our home & for Jason to continue paying the mortgage. We have been together for 16 yrs but he has been cheating on me for 2. Lord Jesus Christ please hear my prayers. I love God so much & know that He is always by my side. I pray a lot of the prayers that are on this web site & I believe in all my heart they work especially the money prayer. I received a check in the mail last week for $1375. I pray the marriage prayer every day. If. You believe in your heart & soul God will help you. I love you God. Amen

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