Prayer for protection and healing

by Merlinda (Wilmington Ca 90744)

I the mother of gregory ramos prayer for my son for protection and healing and asking the our farher God in heaven forgiveness for mt son Gregory ramos for his sins please lord hear my prayers help my son get out of central juvenile detention centers and by the grace of god helphim to get our of trouble bring him home safe protection from all evil.

Help gim with medical illlness and conditions of valley fever cocciydocess help with all his medical needs please lord our father in heaven keep the angels by his side keep him safe thank you lord in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit release my son Gregory Ramos safe in one pease alive and well amen merlinda Ramos mother.thank you father give gregory streanth willpower to survive guide him with protection bring him home lord and out of juvenile halls safely.

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