Prayer for Protection and Healing for My Friends, Family, and Myself

by Shaquille (Youngstown, OH)

Dear Lord, I pray for protection and healing for my family, friends, and myself. There are alot of diseases and illnesses that effect people everyday and I pray for those who are effected by them. But, I wish for protection and healing from those illnesses and diseases because everyone deserves to live happy and peaceful.

I may struggle with some issues personal with myself but I pray that everyone else stays good from any problems mental, psychically, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe that everyone serves a purpose on this earth and I want everyone to fulfill that purpose and to live happy doing it.

I also want to ask for forgiveness on my behalf. I’ve honestly been ungrateful, dishonest, disobedient, and unfaithful to you Lord. I misused you and I want to humbly apologize for that. I pray that you will( only if you wish) forgive me and help me improve the way I’ve been living, and live comfortably, happy, and healthy.

You’ve gave me so many Chances and I failed you again. I’m trying to stsy on track and stay focused but there are things that distract me from my priorities. Help me Lord, and guide me in the right footsteps to a better lifestyle. That way I’m able to influence others positively and be able to show them the right way to life.

In your name, I pray. Amen.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Saquille

    I enjoyed your prayer

    My prayers are with you this morning

    You are a good person

    Please go to church each Sunday

    And to reconciliation

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

  2. Prayer for Healing & Protection

    heavenly father,in the name of your son lord jesus christ our savior.please pray,give comfort the my sick loved ones,my friends and i myself that suffered so much pain and heart emotionally due erectile dysfunction that results to insults and disappoitment. i am sorry for my sins. i am sorry for what i did, that is why reap what i saw. i know iam defiant,bitter,unruly when i was still young.i did too much last. i dis a mortal sins. that is why, i keep asking for forgiveness of all my/our sins. lord god, please into my/our life as i need your guidance,live and care. i am tired for committing sins, disobeyed tour words & teaching. i am 57 y.o. and i dont want to get separated from our god.please have mercy and grace on me and to my wife & children.lord god, thy will be done.

  3. Petitions

    Heavenly & everlasting Father,please pray for my son Bernie and from wherever he live and stays, please guide and keep him from any danger,harm and trouble. and for my friend and client Philip & Olive please pray them.keep them from harm,danger,sickness and trouble.I pray that God will comfort & heal Olive. keep her from stress and anxieties. help them do what is good and what is right and be thankful for what I have done good for them.hope they wont get mad at me because of the constant delays.
    please have mercy on me and to my family. please never leave nor forsake me in time like this lord God, let your will be done in our lives. I ask you all of these in the powerful name of Jesus,Amen.

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