Prayer for protection and happines

by Rhonda (St. Vincent)

Dear Lord

Protect me from my enemies,

Please Lord hear my prayer. My husband is involved in a relationship that has our marriage broken, Lord and I am very distressed. Please dear Lord work on my marriage and help him to get rid of what evil surrounds him.

We have been married for a very long time Lord but he is now following bad company and is very caught up with the things of the world. Please Lord help him to see the pain and suffering that he has caused. Please dear Lord let him again be a loving husband and father and that he will let go of his adulterous life Lord. I need him back in my life Lord. I know that you, Lord will not give us more than we can bear so I know that you will answer my prayer soon because it has been a long time. I wait on you Lord to answer my prayer.

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