Prayer for protection and guidieace

by Nady (Dominica)

Lord i am going through a very rough time at work. I am being victimized and lies are being spread about me. Lord you know that i am innocent and the things that are being spread about me are total lies. I am asking you to guide and protect me, my friends and family.

Shower your blessing on us lord, drive aways all evil around us and send your holly sprit to to protect us. Let my enimies fall in the pit that they dug for me. Lord i pray in a special way for my job. I thank you for my job and i am asking you to bless it and help me to work the way that you want me to work. I also thanking you in a special way for the land you provided for me and help me some day that I can build my own home on it.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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