prayer for protection and courage

Father God You arrangements awesome God. You have shown me Your power so many times. Even when I thoyht You weren’t there, You were. Please God I ask for the protection of my family. The Devil is living and breathing in their neighborhood. The neighbors next to them are dealing drugs and are violent. They don’t care and would easily take a life just because. Please protect my whole family when we are coming and going. Send Your angels to surround their property and not let the devil in. God, open my patents eyes to to the situation. Let them see the realness of this spiritual realm. Please God protect my brother. Protect him and quiet his mouth and actions. Every word that from hereon out that comes out of his mouth will be spoken and interpretted by the truthfulness and honesty but also in a calm virtuous way. Give my father the wisdom and grace to do whatever Your will history help my brother. God bring the corruption and lies to light! Wake up the whole county! God, send the rigbht people at t right times to help my family.God give JM the strength and wisdom. Your will be done! God give me the wisdom to handle these situations. Protect my students and our family. God You made all of creation. Please God help my brother. God protect my brother from the false accusations. Bring to lout the laziness and corruption of the ax and it’s workers. Show their false hoods anuncoperativeness. God bring to light in all of Your glory all the good things and how my brother tried. Tear up those papers against my brother.Thank you

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