Prayer for protection against evil spirits

Dear Lord, I ask that You protect my husband from the evil spirits that are currently disturbing and harming him. Please ward off all the evil spirits cast against him by the woman he had been seeing since more than 4 years ago. I pray to God for my husband to be cleansed of all evil spirits and evil intentions, and that he can restore his faith in God and return to his family as a good, loving father to the children. I pray for God’s protection for my family and my home. I pray that my husband can leave the woman he has been seeing for more than 4 years and that we can be united again as a family once again. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

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  1. safe in his arms

    god deliver me from my past an set me on a journey for his will in my life an to heal my body in jesus name Julius williams

  2. Same predicament

    Thank you for the prayer. I am caught in the same predicament.
    Be strong & I have faith that God will lead our husbands on to the right path as what God unites, no man divides! God bless

  3. [email protected]

    Prayer to cast out any unclean evil spirit that is hindering me from financial blessing in the name and the mighty blood of the lamb and Almighty God…..Amen

  4. fluttering sounds

    As I finished showering this a.m. a fluttering occurred next to me. Naked, I was more than humiliated!
    It’s the first time this has happened. I rebuked it at once in Jesus’ Name and commanded it to leave & not return.
    For over a year I have heard these noises intermittently. I want them to stay away permanently!! No sounds occur if
    someone is visiting. I want nothing to do with evil spirits ,, just God’s Holy Spirit. Thanks.

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