prayer for prosperity

by Greta (Jacksonville, FL)

My Dear Lord, please help me. Although I know that even in my dire situation (no job and no prospects of money to take care of me and my sons) you have NEVER forsaken me, it’s just that I’m scared and depressed, please Lord I pray that you remind me of my faith and to quiet my mind……I cry all the time and I’m tired…..I worry about my sons…Thank you for your grace and mercy.


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  1. I too feel as you do...

    Bless you, I am in that same dark place, waiting for God to bring light. I hope he comes to your soul too. I have been waiting a while and somehow I am still standing and so is my son. But the fear really eats at your faith doesn’t it? What can we do, but cry to our father. I want you to know that if I could I would help you. In the future I hope God blesses me in order to do that for other women like us. If I can’t do it my son promises to. I am in the same worry room you are in, here take my hand. We are in darkness, we can’t see each others hand, but reach out. We will wait together.

    God bless us all every one of us.

    Marie A.

  2. mothers of hope

    I lost my husband recently, lost my home, banks took it.
    left in huge financial distress. have also sons. they always argue and do not talk to each other. I feel lost , lonely and in despair.
    some how I know that the Lord will help me . I believe , I pray every day.that the grace of the Almighty wil support ,sustain and supply all my needs.
    Let us pray and give thanks that our destinys will be assured and the desires of our motherly hearts will be granted in Jesus name.

    A miracle will happen.

  3. Prayers for Greta

    My heart feels your fear and pain, know we are praying for you and your sons. Never doubt the love our dear Lord and savior has for us, he will not let us down.
    Bless you and your sons

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