Prayer for Prosperity

by Linda (MS)

Dear Heavenly Father, oh merciful and gracious God; I come this day praying for financial increase and abundance in the name of Jesus who intercedes on my behalf. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus. Father, please forgive me for my sins and for ever allowing my tongue to be used by anyone other than the Holy Spirit.

God, this prayer request seek unlimited, overflowing financial prosperity in abundant increase for the business to grow and continue to be a blessing and help youth in need of a healthy life. Also, I seek to get out of personal debt. I stand in the gap for helping family members who seek to live according to your word.

I will be sure to use the money wisely and not use it for the things not required or needed. Thank you Father. In the name of Jesus, I come praying in the Spirit with the Lord interceding and I want to say thank you Father, thank you Lord. I stand in faith that you are moving this hour as I pray and large sums of money will come from unknown sources and places of Good, this day.

In Matthew 7:7, God, you said to ask and it shall be given; seek and ye shall find; to knock and it shall be opened unto me. Father God, as i do now, I will be sure to give you the praise, honor and glory due to you and to magnify your name because you are the only God and I thank you.

In Jesus name I pray. Thank you Father, in the name of Jesus. Let it be done. Amen!

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