Prayer for prosperity for bills and nesseities.

by Delia (Oklahoma, USA)

Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you and praise you for all the wonderful things in life that you have blessed me with and pray that you will forgive me of all my sins. In this time of need I ask an pray that you will bless my family and myself with the money and prosperity that is needed now for bills that are due and especially for the money to pay my past due rent with enough to pay next months rent as well. I humbly and mercifully ask that you take the burden of worry from my family and myself and help us again, financially so these obligations can be taken care of. I also pray that you give us strength to get through this difficult time and help us to be filled with your joy. I thank you in advance for the blessings of prosperity that you will bestow upon us and give you the glory my Faather God through the blessed name of Jesus and with the help and intervention of Mary the blessed Virgin I pray to you and give you thanks. Amen