Prayer for prosperity & be liberated from financial need

by Anthony (Cagayan De Oro City,Phillipines)

Father ,God in Heaven,I thank you for all the blessings that I personally received,the blessings of good health,loving relationships among the members of my own family,the good jobs of my two children.

Father may I continue to seek from You your blessings for our safety from all untoward harms everyday and night.Kindly entrust me the blessing of having my Pharmaceutical distribution business prosper so that my wallowing in the bondage of financial needs shall vanish,and I will be available also to the personal needs of the other people who think me as the answer of their prayer.I also dream Father that when this prayer is granted you will be using me in building chapels and organize groups to continue spread your gospel.

Father you have said “what ever you ask of me through my son Jesus,it will be granted and that you said ” Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass”…Through the intercession of Mother Mary,St.Michael and the Saints in heaven,I feel confident that this prayer will be granted.Amen

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