Prayer for Prosperity and Well-being

by Sar Esser (Virginia)

Thank you for the miraculous healing of my brother yesterday!

Please bless me and my family and guide us now and forever that all that we do, say, think, and feel are surrounded with love, peace, and wisdom.

Please especially bless me in my financial undertakings so that I achieve my heartfelt goal of financial prosperity, security and freedom for me and my family by Thanksgiving this month.
Please prosper us in all of our ways, now and forever, and prosper all in need, transforming their lives from scarcity to abundance.

I promise to be a force and source of goodness, now and forever, and I will express my gratitude for the fulfillment of this prayer in the way in which you reveal to me.

Thank you for all our blessings, for me and my family and for all of your creations, now and forever, and please accept my sincere regret for errors and confusion, for losing my way, and missing the mark.
Thank you.

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