Prayer for Prosperity and Some Money

by Robert (Lawrence, MA US)

Dear; Prayer People

Hello and God Bless You All,

Will you All Please PRAY for Me again?
I was Laid OFF of my WORK again last on April 5th, 2013 due to the Bad Economy. I am still Struggling Hard Financially, with little or no money, and with a lot of Debt, including College Loans Debt, and No Solid Job, Not enough money to live, without any LOVE in my life, and I am really Suffering Bad Economically and Bad Emotionally, with a lot of Pain and Stress. I have no money to repair my 12 year Old car, or fix my Apartment. I now have barely ANY money to eat. I have NO Health Insurance for my Asthma. I have had NO money to buy any Clothes in 3 years. I am living alone; I have NO family, and NO Friends I can turn to. I really need ENERGY, and I need the Lord, or GOD to Please bring some substantial Money into my life now. I really need the Lord Jesus and God to bring Joy, Prosperity, Peace, Love and Happiness into My Life Soon. I am stressed in Deep Traumatic Emotional Pain, and Tired, and I am still at the End of My Rope. It is Tuesday, October 22, 2013 and I am Please asking MANY People to all Pray for Me. I really need the Lord to Please send me some HELP, and Abundance, and ability to get a New Permanent Job. I really need and want a Steady Decent Job and I need GOD & the Universe to Please Bless me NOW Financially and with some ENERGY and some Prosperity. I am praying myself at Home alone to God for Help, and I am asking also that You and other People All to Please PRAY for Me to receive HELP and Financial Prosperity. I am Tired of Suffering alone for the past 15 years of my life, without any family, and without any friends, without any love, and without any Money. I am 46 years old, suffered a lot, and I am losing my desire to Live. I have been playing the Lottery for a long time, and I am just trying to WIN some Money. It is Tuesday, October 22, 2013, and I am simply please Asking; Will You and Many other People Please Pray to GOD, Jesus and the UNIVERSE to let Me (Robert) WIN some Money from the Lottery soon? Please ask GOD to let Robert WIN some money from the Lottery soon.

Would you Please Have MANY People Pray for Me?
Thank you
May God Richly Bless You!