Prayer for Prosperity and Investment of My Magazine business

by Barbara (UK)

I have a magazine that whould be GLOBAL in its appeal if only I could find the right kind of partners to invest in it. So my prayer is for that person and for the strength to keep the business going so that it prospers. May God bless you all.

I spent 7 years running from God. By the time I caved in I’d been doing my business (running a Magazine publishing company) for seven years. {Yes, he started calling me when I started my business}. Several months after being saved I asked God to deal with my competitors, who had cheated me by stealing my idea and using resources

I had garnered to make it succeed. He dealt with them, but still my business is hanging by a threat. I am fasting right now, but The Holy Spirit told me just now to get up and pray for my business. So here I am…

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