Prayer for prosperity and good health

by Nadine (Long Island)

Oh father. I lift up the home that you have given me. I lift up the children, the family, the friends, the boyfriend and his family. Oh father, I lift up all of the blessings and all of the challenges in my life. Father god with you all things are possible. I lay all of my concern, all of my happiness, all of my successes and all of my defeats at your alter. I will work hard to provide for my family with your help and the help of those people, angels and whoever you place in my path. You know, my heart and all that I ask of you and I trust in you. Whatever your will may be let it be. Father god I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do for me and my family everyday. I am forever thankful for seeing the light of every new day. I ask you for continued health for me and my family. Continued protection everyday, I ask you for continued love and prosperity. I ask you father god for peace while we are on this earth. I ask you father god to keep us close to you, so that we never forget that you are the almighty. Father god I am always thankful and I ask you all these things in the name of your son who died for our sins, forever and ever Amen…

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