Prayer for prosperity and financial gain

by Wanda (Usa)

Father God, you know my inner thoughts before I ever express them.

You also know all my needs, financial and otherwise.
This world is hard to deal with, everything we do is about money. I try to remain faithful and not get discouraged but sometimes its so hard to stay focused.
Please ease my anxiety about money issues. Please help me to find work or better paying work so that I may be finally able to pay off my debts.
I dont want to live my entire life going check to check.
I dont want to rely on others or the government to feed myself and my family.
I want to be self sufficient and feel good about taking care of my family in a decent and honest way.
When others wonder about my faith, let the results that they see be the best and brightest testament of why i choose to believe in you and your blessings.
Allow me to go to sleep tonight and KNOW that these debts will go away and that I will begin to receive the finances necessary to responsibly take care of my financial needs.
Thank you Father God for your kindness, for your peace and for your mercy. In your blessed Sons name, Amen.

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