Prayer for Prosper in Money and Health

by Virginia (Greece)

My Loving Father, I cast all my worries upon You. I have so much anxiety and fear in my heart about our future and my kids future life. Fill my heart with desire to do great things and bless the moment I will win today the amount I need to get of all my depts and financial problems,also the money I need to renew our flat once it is raining in our house and it is very cold because we do not have the money for heating.I completely trust You and have deep faith in You.

Let all that I do be pleasing to you. Grant me wisdom and knowledge that I may do what is good and true in all the days of my life. Let me feel Your might presence, dear God, as I give You my praise and thanks.

Please God help me, because people I trusted make foolish of me, used me and now I do suffer under these circumstances. I need your help so much. Also, my daughters health needs help…they said that she may suffer under Rheumatitis Athritis…please let it be a son’s feet go to the wrong direction, I brought him to the doctor, but he does not follow the theraphy in the right way..he also got a huge problem with his upper jawbone, he is wearing a special mask, but I am ashamed to go to the doctor because I do not have the money to pay him off.

My son has a huge problem in doing his homework and follow in school lesson,please make him a good student and that he loves studing.It is about ten years now, where I can not get away from suffering and bad luck.

Please God let me be lucky again, having fun in live, be happy with my kids, and having the most possible time to spend with my kids, my family and for things I like doing (Christmas time is coming and we enjoy to make things to decorate our house with old stuff) know God, I never felt so bad, that I have to beg for toilette paper from my mum (she is a good woman, she never says no, but I feel ashamed) once I do not have the money to buy. I never in my life was in a such situation, I always were full of offers in work(because of my knowledge)and now nothing…

Dear God please help me…I know some people they want us to suffer, because they are jealous…please stop them here, do not let them having any power on us anymore. I always asked to send them love and understanding so they will stop, but nothing. So this time I am asking to send them, everything bad they wish for us, so they can feel our pain. I am sorry to say that, but all these years I was asking to send them love so they stop, but they were continuing doing bad things…so please build a protective wall around us, so nothing bad can reach us ever again.

Thank you so much dear God, and I hope you will help me, if possible immidiatelly, so we can live a happy live again.


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