Prayer for Projects

by Poet's Daughter (Zwingenberg, Germany)

Dear Father,

I lay down my faults before you, as well as my neglect and my forgetfulness. Help me overcome these because they act like curses in my life.

I have committed 2 projects into your hands. A festival and a singing cOntest. Lord you know my heart’s desires. After years of failing, being demeaned by my husband, by my father or whoever, you have delivered me and i am discovering a new me. You have Placed me where i am, Put the ferocious desire to win in my heart. But nail selfishness on the cross;if there is victory may it be for Your glory. Help me strengthen my vocal chords and help us cover expenses through sponsors, sales and good weather. Please bless my family and myself and bless us richly!!!

I pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

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