Prayer for professional and financial success

by Neo Tshepo Tsotsotso (Waverly, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Dear God,

While I have known you all my life, I have only recently begun to have a relationship with you. I have never felt so content and confident – simply because I now know you better today. I come to you this morning asking for your continued blessings, protection and guidance.

I ask for professional and financial success. My 2014 be my year of action and less talk. I pray that I be excepted into the MBA bursary program (despite my limited academic background). I pray that my communications agency gets off the ground and that the business wins retainer clients and that I maybe financially successful to provide for my family.

I pray that the success does not blind me and that it only makes me humble. Most importantly guide me to not lose focus of my objectives so that I can carry out your work and help someone else.

In you I trust my God!