Prayer for Powerful Healing, Restoration, Protection, Forgiveness, Justice and Salvation for my loved ones.

by Pousilla (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Please pray for my 2 adult children both hospitalized in Queens Hospital. Son Matthew with multi mental illness and daughter with multiple illness: Schizophrenia and Lupus nephritis affecting her immune system, heart and kidneys. Currently going under dialysis since August of this year. Also son was admitted since August 19 of this year and needed a Medicare continue to cover for his medical bills and need to provide him a 24 home care to care for him and his needs. Also pray for Justice for my beloved son Walter was pushed off the 15th. floor in Waikiki, Seaside Tower in November 12, 2007. Also need prayers for Protection, Healing and Blessings for my oldest daughter Natalie and her five young children. She is a hard working single mother taking care of her children by herself and they lived in Fullerton, California.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Greatly appreciate it.

God Bless,


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