Prayer for Power to Heal

Loving Jesus, have mercy on us. Please hear and answer the prayers of all who ask for prayers from others. Please hear and answer all those who pray to You. And if they feel alone or that their prayers are unanswered, please show them why, guide them with love to better resolution until You answer their prayers in the way You see fit.

At this moment, I ask You once again, gift me with the power to heal spiritually and physically people, to cure illnesses of all kinds. Never allow me to learn of someone with a medical problem that is not cured. Show us You love us, Let Your Glory shine through us. Let miracles always be around us, let only good things follow us where ever we go.

Let only good things surround us where ever we go. Bless us and all those around us, especially our loved ones, may we always be in mutually loving and joyful interactions as your friend and may You always be among us and with us where ever we go. I ask this in Your Name, in the Name of our Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen.