Prayer for possibly saving our marriage.

by Nathan ()

Hello everyone, this may sound as though I’m speaking very negatively about my wife, but please understand that this is coming from deep love, and sympathy. My wife gets very irrational and hard to deal with when she’s upset. She’s back to a job after her maternity leave, she had worked there for 4 years previously. She despises her job, and the people there, and after less than a week she’s back to bringing that negativity home instead of leaving it at work.

I love her very much but unfortunately this job just brings out her worst, even going as far as blaming me for not letting her quit, accusing me of not caring, but the fact is I do, it tears me apart to see her like this, but our finances don’t allow her to quit until another job comes through. In the past she has made threats of leaving to go back to her home country when she’s this upset. But her threats are quite empty, like I said she speaks unfairly and irrational when she’s upset, but I know she doesn’t actually mean it. Tonight she even emptily (holefully) threatened to take our infant son back to her country.

Again I know she doesn’t mean it but it’s still scary, I’m terrified that she could mean it someday… Wow I really painted an ugly picture of her but here are the facts, I love her, and I’m sure that if she could get hired ANYWHERE else that these problems go away, nothing in our lives has ever upset her like that job does. I beg you all who read this, pray that my wife can get hired for anything else as soon as possible so the healing can begin. And I beg you oh lord please hear and answer these prayers.

Through Jesus Christ our lord, Amen.