by Sejal (Ahmedabad)

o fervent apostle St. Jude, I sejal, have been already suffering from lots of problem including illness, marital disharmony and work place problems.All these problems are since 2010 and even after 2 years,my burden is not getting lighter. Life seems to be very harsh and hard too…

St. Jude, I put my difficult case of life in your hands for your intercession,I have been demoralized and depressed, but still there is silent ray of hope that Christ will help me!

St Jude,I have been downtrodden and now completely given up, I ask you to pray for me, and bless me, take me out of all negative situation of life, so that i can have hope to live and I can be alive.
St Jude, I ask you for your intercession… in hope to give a great testimony for Christ… Sejal.

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