prayer for physical healing, mental and emotional as well

by Ariane (UAE)

Father God, you alone is the almighty one.I bless and praise your holy name. I thank you for all the blessings you keep on pouring unto me and my family.Father there is none like you and i believe that only one move from your powerful right hand and you can make everything from impossible to possible.

I humbly ask you to put your loving and healing hand unto me and grant me mental and emotional healing and most importantly heal me physically Father God for i am suffering from severe back pain and i feel a very severe left leg pain because of my sciatica.Father God i am so afraid that i might lose my mobility and won’t be able to work properly, my family needs me with your unconditional loving kindness i know you won’t let that happen.I am lifting it up to you all my physical, emotional and mental pain and worries, i trust in You Father God,all praise and glory to Your name and i ask this through the intercesion of Mother Mary and in Jesus name,Amen.