Prayer for Pharmacy Licensure Examination

by Gleiane ()

Good afternoon Lord, your the king of all kings. I humbly submit myself to you. Lord, I promise to study hard and do everything I can. Sorry Lord kung nakasala ko, I promise to not do it again and learn from my mistakes. I hope Lord that everything we reviewed kay masaulo nako tanan, ug wala unta ko’y malimtan. Tabangi ko Lord nga dili unta ko makulbaan nor experience any illness sa upcoming nga board exam. Guide me Lord. Help me Lord throughout my pharmacy licensure examination that I can passed my board exams this August 30-31,2017. Everything I learned and I have Lord, I lift them up to you. Lord, unta na mapalipay nako ang akong mga ginikanan sa ilang sakripisyo. I hope Lord, that I would shade the correct answer that would lead me to the title of RPh. Thank you for everything Lord God, magamay mana or dako; gikan sa akong pagmata hantod sa akong pagtulog. Ayaw ko biya-e Lord. I also promise to make you known by spreading to everybody that you are the reason we are happy today and everyday. I love you Lord.This I ask to Almighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen.