Prayer for Pesos

by Kip (Philippines)

I really need to pay my 3million pesos debts to diff credit cards

And people. I need peace i need new life i need to finish thos and start all over again for my kiids and husband i dont know what to do anymore i DONT KNOW even killing myself will bring big problems to my husband which icannot bear. Please help me to pray help me

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  1. Prayer for Pesos

    I know how u feel but inspite of your problems pls.don’t forget to always pray to God.He is always watching us.Trust Him that He will give u solutions in your problems.Be hopeful.

  2. Answer to Praying for Pesos

    This is an insulting prayer request.
    This person needs to cut up all their credit cards and start paying them off.
    To buy things you cannot afford to pay for, by using a credit card is STEALING. It is against the Ten Commandments.
    Stop focusing on THINGS and MONEY. Accept that God is the center of the universe, not you, and you won’t be tempted to steal.
    Stop trying to impress other people with things you can’t afford.
    Say the mircle prayer that you will be healed of your greedy focus on earthly pleasures. And pay off those credit cards.

  3. I'll pray for you....

    HI Kip,

    I hope and pray that you have found solutions to your problems, trust me I know how hard it is to be in debt and I truly wish my prayers will be able to help you. You may have also found some prayers that they say might help you and I’m sure they do. Below are the prayers that I always say and have learned to know them by heart. I also have developed that relationship with St. Jude as I truly feel relieved each time I ask for his help in my prayers, I feel like God spends more time listening to my cries when I reach out to His angels and saints. If you have the time please read them out and try if this could help you. May God bless you and your family always. Just hang in there…. God won’t give us something we can’t bear.

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