Prayer for personal intention

by Kaye ()

Dear God,

I pray to You oh Lord for the healing of the world. For the people who are sick, saving lives, staying at home but starving, alone and away from their families, trapped in the street, scientists and also for those everyone who are not happy and having anxieties.I pray Lord God to help them to be healed.

Lord God, I also pray for my family who has less source than what we have here. I pray for their health and of course strength for each day. Especially my mom who is getting old and always working hard for our family. For her to not get sick and be always happy.

. Including me and my family. Help me to have a strong mind, be happy and be calm.

I might be selfish and ambitious. But before the pandemic, I always pray for this and even there is a pandemic I will still include this in my prayer.

To be able to find my self. To be able to have a new job. I will keep on praying that I may be able to finally leave my current job and find a better one. I am not happy working there. I was not happy in the first place. I always cry inside my heart. My anxieties are keeping alive and I can not control it anymore. I sometimes tend to feel weak and extreme head ache. I sometimes cant breathe. I pray to you Lord, that I may be able to find a place that I will have less trigger of my depression.

I just want to get out of my cage and fly. To get freed and be happy. A genuine happiness for my birthday. ❤️
I really pray it to You, oh Lord.

Thank you Lord God for everyday you have given to us. Bless us always to be safe.

Lord God, I pray for my soul. I pray that may find peace in my heart and confidence to get forward.

I pray for my

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