Prayer for personal aid

by Ricky (Henderson, Nevada, USA)

I need you Lord in my life now more than ever. As a naive 14 year old, I am overwhelmed with an extreme amount of stress and issues. School is stressing me out because I want better friends and get to know more people. My sexuality is stressing me out because of the constant desire to masturbate and look at pornography. On top of this, there is my OCD, and somewhat of depression. Lord, graciously hear me, and grant me peace. Please Lord, may my school experience be more peaceful and filled with good friends whoeelings that I e strange homosexual feelings respect You and me, and who I enjoy being around with. Also, please let me handle the strange homosexual feelings that often haunt me go away. Please let my addiction to masturbation and carnal activity cease to exist. I ask all this in the name of Your Son Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of mary his mother. Please pray for me everybody!

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