Prayer for Perserverence and Clarity

by Jazzlin (Rochester, NY)

Dear Lord,

As I am walking in a place that seems so cloudy right now, I ask that you seperate a path before me that is lit by Your love and Your Strength.
I am calling on You dear God, not to forget about me in my time of uncertainty. Bless my finances and help me lean on You as this burden is too much for me to carry alone.
Open doors for me Lord, that the world has closed and deemed I not enter. Annoint my career path and be the waymaker that I know and trust you are. Whatever Your will for me be done. I will accept gracefully.
I ask for hope and strength especially on days when I feel so helpless and so alone. Help me to live for today and gain a greater understanding that tomorrow is not promised and that I can only live one day at a time.
Lord, I feel in my spirit that there is something that I need to be doing. Something that is your will. Lord help me to discover or unlock this mystery that I am sure holds a blessing.

Thank You for hearing my prayer.

In Jesus’ name,


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