Prayer for Permanent Employment, a bump on inside lip and School degree

by Savina (Trinidad)

Dear St Jude,my contract has come to the end please help me find a work in March 2014 and make it be a permanent employment. Help me get a job and pass all interviews I ever enconter in life to get the job. Help the work environment to be clean, have Godliness, generous and kind hearted employees who I can get along with at all times.

Help it to be a reasonable place for me to reach to work ontime and be safe at all times. St. Jude help me to make a better salary that I am working for now. I am despret, stressed, depress, worried, frustrated, angry and unhappy. St Jude i bit my lip a month now and the swelling is not going down with all the medication i try b4, The doctor gave me momate 3rd day no improvement on the swelling to go down. Please help it to go down by Friday please God or show signs of the swelling going down.

My school Oh Lord St. Jude please help me to get back into SAMS to complete the 2 modules I have to resist to get my HR degree. Please help it to only be 2 modules and no exams and never do a resit again. Help me find a job so i could help mummy pay off my school fees and to work enough to get ny own car.

ST. Jude i am needy right now only person i have to beg is mummy and Jesus Christ. Please hear and answer my prayers.
I believe in you and trust in you have all my faith in you.


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