Prayer for perfect health.


Dear concerned

i have great faith in prayer power to jesus. jesus blessed me with everything i askd through prayers.but from last 2 months i am not praying sincerely.i am feeling not well from last 20 days.i always feel tired.i want jesus miracle healing power right now and i want to have hb 13.2gm and my wonderful fair glowing skin and perfect functioning of my all body parts.i want to feel good and energetic.jesus please wash me with your precious and powerful blood and transform me into a new man.jesus one thing more i am addicted to drugs from last 16 years.i lost evertthing due to this bad habbit.please take aways my addictions today and make me perfect man.Jesus i have only hope from you and you can do it.please baptize my imagination and deleiver me from all fears of future.jesus i want life full of great abundance happiness health wealth prosperity in great name of jesus christ.i am giving thanks that i prayed and you listened and from right now you are taking control of my life.THANK YOU MY FATHER. AMEN

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