Prayer For people to not be so judgmental about me..

by Andrea (Racine)

I have done some wrong in the past I lied stolen and cheated I judged others and turned my back on everything that was good in my life..I have been given another chance of life and to live as I should have from the beginning.

I pray that others see me for all the good I am now doing and the changes I have made in my life. I pray that I walk tall and hold my head up high when others laugh point or judge me based on my past. I pray for courage against the evil people who mock my my new way of life and I pray that I do not fall back to my old ways no matter how hard things may get I also pray I never look back on my old life despite all the fingers that point back in that direction..

Please God keep me strong in all I do bless those who love and trust and who have helped me be where I am today and have mercy on the souls who live in hate doubt jealousy and ignorance. Please help me to remember dear lord you will never leave my side ..Amen 🙂

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