prayer for peacefulness

by Tonya (Stafford)

Lord I come to you with a heavy heart and fear of the unkown..God remove the stresses and disappointments, and anger in my heart that I am carrying because of hurt and betrayal..Help me Father to forgive and to move on with my life..Keep me covered and protected in your blood…Wash away all of my sins dear God and help me to be pleasing to you and your work..Lord my health is always a concern. .Continue blessing my health that this worry will cease because I know your a healer..Lord bless my family that we will remain close and happy and supportive of one another. .Keep us protected from danger and dangerous situations..God I ask for peace within my family that we can come together as one and love each other unconditionally. .Lord you said ask and it shall be given. .I’m asking sweet Jesus…Lord I love you and I need you..Amen

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