Prayer for peace

by Monica (St. Lucia)

Father I come to you as a sinner, I surrender my life to you, come into my heart as I want to make you my Lord and saviour ,father I ask you to rebuke all evil lies, plots, propaganda against my daughter, my partner keep us safe from all danger and the works of evil. I ask for continuing blessings in our lives, for peace, mercy, love, grace, strength, success, and for you forgiveness. I place my family, KB, TB, and my self in your hands, we surrender all to you. Let our faith in you been strengthened. And I ask for your grace that you may grant me success in my nursing exam, my court battle with my x husband and to put a stop to all his lies and accusations and that I may move on peacefully knowing that you have carried me through this difficult time, I ask that you go before us and behind us, and keep on protecting us from the hands of the enemies and from evil in Jesus name I pray Amen.