Prayer for Peace, wisdom & Protection in my work space

by Seithati (Western Cape)

My senior manager is making plans behind my back to get me to leave my job. she is hateful and is always planning the down fall of others. for almost a year I have allowed her to bully me and to use me. she is very cruel in her actions. I have finally made the most senior people in the company know when I resigned and they don’t want me to leave and now that I am no longer leaving my job she is going to hate me for it. I pray that God may assign an army of angels to look after me. God’s holy spirit to shield me. that I may never ever have to worry about this woman’s cruelty or bad wishes towards me. God I trust you fully with my Life please do not let this woman to cause any further conflict in my work space in the name of Jesus my Lord and savior.

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