Prayer for Peace & Wellness

by Joyina (USA)


I pray that your peace surrounds me, wrap your arms around me in this time of need. While I may be unworthy, you forgive still. While I am weak, You are my strength.

I pray you heal my anxiety, the negative thoughts, the irrational thoughts. Make me whole again. Heal me emotionally, physically & mentally.

Surround me with your love, your hope, your positive light. Let me feel your presence at all times.


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  1. Believing God for deliverance

    I stand in agreement with you, for this too is my prayer of deliverance…we shall have peace that surpasses all understanding and deliverance from fear, anxiety, depression, and all bondages shall come. Though it may not feel like it, God is moving!!!! In the name of Jesus…

  2. Healing prayer

    Yes I believe God is moving, even I don’t understand. I pray for release from anxiety and depression. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  3. I need prayer please!

    Having tremendous anxiety & went to ER last night but wasn’t given any meds to help! Please keep me in prayer! Been lightheaded for like two days now & so hard to breathe & it’s been a daily fight!

  4. God Loves Us

    God will never forsake us. Trust in the Lord and he will give us peace. Take your burdens and stress to God and trully let go and allow him to do his work. Always remember to praise his name and Thank him even in the mist of a storm.

  5. anxiety

    I need prayer my stress nd anxiety has taken my life to another level please pray for me.

  6. Please Pray for Me

    I’m asking for total healing and restoration for any illness that I might have. Please pray for strength and remove all anxieties and irrational thoughts.

  7. Praying for those that suffer from Mental health issues

    Lord, I pray for these people who you love, that you will find them through these anxiety, negative thoughts, worry, doubt, or depression. That you will see them out of this dark valley and let your light shine upon them. Keep your loving arms around them when they need it. Pray for those who feel alone, no where to go, let them know they are being prayed for and loved by you, AMen.

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