Prayer for peace trust and communication in family

by Sam (Belize)

Dear Lord, please bring peace and love to my family, especially by two adult brothers. With your grace and guidance, Please show them how to love and respect each other and their respective spouses.

Let them see the importance of maintaining family bond and unity, as opposed to trying to cut ties with each other. Please grant my parents especially my mother the wisdom and grace to remain neutral. Please open the eyes and hearts of each of my family members so that they realize that they/ we all need more of You, our loving and omnipotent God, in our lives. Guide our family so that we act always with integrity toward each other so that our trust and love can be fostered, and guide us to be better communicators with each other so that your truth and love will always prevail. I ask all this of you oh dear lord and in he name of our beloved savior,Jesus Christ. Amen.

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