prayer for peace to bringing to my soul and life and my family

by Shamoi Springer (5231 Sweet-Air Ln Stone Mountain GA)

please pray with me that I be left alone from the negative energies and the wicked people please. I ask that you bring peace to my life and soul that’s trying to love and change for the better. cleanse me and mold me into something great that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I ask that you strengthen me and keep me. I love you and I need you father. only you know exactly what is happening in my life and I ask that you help me and make me great again. clear all negative in my path so I can see you better. Touch me with your mighty mighty hand and comfort me at night that I will sleep at ease. walk with me in my dreams father that I will feel even better. help me help you to strengthen me and my love ones, for they need prayer too. Im not asking for money because money is nob better than life. pleeeeeease lord me from this please. im not rushing you either. Im just asking that you save me and keep me with at always. help me father. in your name I pray and ask for help. AMEN

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