Prayer for peace of mind, spirit and family

Dear Father,

I am weary and feeling so very burdened. I try to take care of all those around me, and have neglected myself, my spirit. Now, Lord I feel that I have not done my best to help those around me by letting myself go. I feel the weight of my poor decisions.

Not being able to provide comfortably for my children, not providing to their souls and spirits. I feel so very burdened carrying the weight of lies and a life not lived with integrity. Lord I want happiness, love, and a sense of some calm happy place for myself and those I love around me.

Help me Lord to achieve these things. I fear I have lost the time and ability to do it myself. I need someone who loves me and will be there for me. Someone Lord that shares your love, faith, and guidance to help me through dark times and make me a better person in your eyes too.

Love and faith and hope, help me to find and give these things to my own children again.
In your name I pray
Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior

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