Prayer for peace of mind , job security and financial stability

by Jody (Caribbean)

Blessed God, Only you alone know the true desires of my heart. And it’s only you who can offer me answers to my prayers. Lord forgive me for all my wrong doings and show me a way to bring true peace of mind in my life. Lord , I seek you to provide me with the job of my dreams and the financial stability and family that I seek.

I ask you lord to make haste to my cries. My burdens are much. It makes me weak in the mind as my thoughts and my desires are so great they are affecting my daily life. Lord , I look to you. I know you can heal this wounded heart and bring victory and light to my life.

Please see your humble servant fit for a break that she’s been looking for her whole life. I love you lord. Please help your daughter in need. Thank you father. I know nothing is done without you.

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