Prayer for peace of mind, heart and work for me and everyone

by Ces (Philippines)

Patron st. jude, I humbly pray for you that you may grant all the prayers of everyone who’s asking for your assistance and help. I myself is totally down today because i really need to keep my job. however, im having a hardtime to reach the qualifications needed of the company.

i have low q.a. score please help me st. jude that for the following week and as time goes by i can always reach the passing score that my company needed for their company. i really needed this job to support my family financial needs and for my savings that i’m wishing i can do and save for better future, please lord god and st.jude please don’t allow that i will be out of work and be unemployed.

i’m hoping and praying in your guidance i can get the passing score every week. thankyou in advance for all the blessings and i will claimed it that i will pass my qa score and i will get it.. st. jude please guide my family. always help and guide each of them. i hope my parents will live longer andthey can have quality time for each other,

i hope time will come i have enough savings so i can treat my parents at least out of town and out of the country as for being thankful for the hard works and everlasting love they gave us. always guide my 2 brothers whatever happens i hope we will have bright future,

we can build our own home for our parents. thank you because at least we already have a car i hope soonest we can buy a home for our parents..

please bless always my family and bless our relationship with my boyfriend thankyou for always guiding us and always keeping our relationship stronger, thankyou! st. jude please help my dad his a seaman and he sacrificed days and years to be away just to provide all the needs that our family needed give him strength, and make him healthy and strong and always takecare of him and his co-workers wherever they go keep them safe.

i hope someday you will help us that we can get our own home that my mama really like and my papa.. guide my younger brother i hope he can work soon and have bright and good future in life. please guide me and my 2 siblings that we will have bright future and make our family stay happy and full of love as what you always gave us!

thankyou for everything GOD and patron of hope st.jude. AMEN!

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