Prayer for Peace of Mind and the Lord’s Provision

by Kistamah (Benoni, Johannesburg, South Africa)

My husband has lost his sight and due to the lose of his sight he has lost everything. It is nine years now and after numerous operations he is slowing gaining some vision. During the nine years and till today it has been very difficult for me to maintain the expenses at home. Life has really become a struggle for me. We were heart-broken after losing everything, ( the house, the car, the business etc).

Life has really become so depressing because after losing everything, all our family and friends turn their backs on us. I would comfort my husband saying one day everything will be back to normal, but of resent I am also losing my faith and hope, because we had attended a family function and we were looked down upon by our relatives and friends and we couldn’t bear the shame and agony we were put through.

After that function I would weep often and my husband and Kids would comfort me saying, “Don’t cry, the Lord will surely provide.”

Please we desperately need you to pray for us, and ask for God to performed his mighty miracle in our lives.

In the name of God I thank you kindly… AMEN.

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  1. prayers

    Our family also experienced that. But after a few years, we were able to live up again. Just keep on believing and I believe you didn’t lose everything because you can still be proud of one important thing… that despite of everything, your family is still complete and staying strong. Many families are rich but does not feel happy together, fighting with each other or even broken. You are blessed with strength, love and faith 😊 I will continuously pray for you.

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